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Corporate Introduction :
Prospect Trade Co., LTD. was established since 1951 with hardware components and is in their 56th year of operations. Complete trust and support from the clients has enabled Prospect Trade to grow from the initial electrical component manufacturing to electrical equipment distribution, Yageo passive component distribution, and design/manufacturing of vacuum injection molding.

Corporate partners of Prospect Trade have also expanded from the traditional industry to major plants first in line for the industrial park, for example Kingston, Chipmos, PowerTech, along with other IC design houses and semiconductor fabs. The annual revenues have increased year-on-year and currently employs a 20-strong team of staffs. Yong-Jing believes in great development and growth in the future outlook.

Prospect Trade Co., LTD. is the distributor of passive components for YAGEO and PHCOMP, covering military grade and commercial specific products. Years of expertise in the memory module passive component business have strengthened Prospect Trade’s confidence in supplying the complete specification of products and ample inventory. In the near future, Prospect Trade will invest even more resources to expand the scope of corporate business, and to provide greater services to the wide client base.
Business Scope:
a. Military grade/commercial memory module, passive components including capacitors, resistors, inductors.
b. Brands: YAGEO, PHCOMP
Information about Prospect Trade:
Established Since 1994 Total Capital NT$65 million
TEL 886-3-5971668 FAX 886-3-5972622
Address 2F., No.3, Gongye 4th Rd., Hukou Shiang, Hsinchu County 303-51, Taiwan (R.O.C.)eb site
Web site www.prospectrade.com
Corporate Group:
YIH SHING HARDWARED CO., LTD Established in 1951 from mechanical hardware tools, currently transformed to the electrical hardware business to serve the large client base located in the Hsin-Chu Science Park.
Web site: http://www.toolhouse.com.tw/eshop
MAVIN METROLOGY EN, CO., LTD Established in 1987, importing various precision measuring instruments from Europe, America, and Japan for over 20 years.
Web site: http://www.mavin.com.tw
Well Ho Technology CO., LTD Established in 1987 and originally sold equipment and industrial safety instruments for semiconductor fabs. 2000, Well Ho Corp and Grand Precision Plastics Inc. formed alliance to design, manufacture, and sales of memory module trays. Various memory module manufacturers have used the new products developed from the collaboration. 2003, Well Ho Co., Ltd. changed into Well Ho Technology Co., Ltd. to continue the R&D and manufacturing operations.
Founded in 1951; global designer/manufacturer of precision-engineered electronic components and modules Metal components, SoC, Wireless components
Web site:http://www.psgtek.com