SD/MMC Jewel Box
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Well Ho Technology CO., LTD. Memory module, electro optical components, electrical components packaging and conductor tray
•Plastics vacuum molding.
•Electronics packaging design, molding, manufacturing
•Static electricity resistance (conductor) tray design, molding, manufacturing
•EPE, foam PE with design and molding
MAVIN METROLOGY EN, CO., LTD. Import/manufacture of various precision measurement instruments
•Tektronix Oscilloscopes、Arbitrary function Generator
•Fluke Digital Multimeters、Thermometers、Process Tools
•Acute Digital Storage Oscilloscope、Logic Analyzer、Data Generaters
•Horizontal Benchtop Measuring Projector、Power supply、LCR.meter
•Mitutoyo Japanese precision measuring too-Digital ruler, micrometer, pin gauge, ring gauge, gear gauge
Website: http://www.mavin.com.tw
YIH SHING HARDWARED CO., LTD. Various electronics hardware
•Professional tools, clip, wrench, screwdriver
•Static electricity resistance products, magnifying lighting tools, soldering irons
•Tool box, tool desk, tool cabinet
•Polishing, electric, pneumatic, welding, cutting tools
Website: http://www.toolhouse.com.tw/eshop
Concord Advanced Technology Co.,LTD Reuse IC tray、Sale IC and Memory Module